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On sleepless roads

the sleepless go

may angels lead you in
20 June 1986
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I'm gonna be honest with you, I love Jesus but I drink a little.

1984, a perfect circle, ab fab, acoustic guitars, activism, against me, american choppers, anal sex, androgony, anna roland, art, band, baseball, bdsm, belt buckles, better than chocolate, biddeford, bitch and animal, books, boys dont cry, brave new world, butch, butches, butchies, camping, catie curtis, chest surgery, cider house rules, computers, concert band, cutting, daddies, dancing, donnie darko, dykes, eddie izzard, ellis paul, elvis, erin mckeown, fag, fags, female to male, femme, femmes, finding nemo, folk music, fraggle rock, french horn, ftm, garrison starr, gender expression, gender fucking, gender neutral, gender queer, genderqueer, girls, haircuts, harry potter, human rights, indigo girls, jann arden, jazz band, johnny cash, julia roberts, kenny rogers, kris delmhorst, leah andreone, lesbian, lesbians, love, maine, marching band, mayonaise, melissa etherige, melissa ferrick, modest mouse, monkies, music, old ladies, outright, pamela means, patty griffin, percussion, photography, piercing, piercings, planned parenthood, portland, pride, queer, queer art, queer artist, queer gender, queer rights, red sox nation, redsox, safe sex, safe sex education, safer sex education, self mutilation, sex, shiny things, sirs, skateboarding, starbucks, std, std's, sti, sti's, stone butch blues, strawberrys, testosterone, tetris, the postal service, thrift shops, thrift store shopping, thrift stores, tori amos, tracy chapman, trannyboys, trannyfag, trans, trans rights, transgender, transgenderism, transsexual, trucks, trumpet, van morrison, women, writing