may angels lead you in (transcharlie) wrote,
may angels lead you in

Come play Capture the Flag, Portland! September 15

What the heck!?!

83 Granite Street is organizing a big ol' game of Capture the Flag on SEPTMEBER 15th in Deering Oaks Park.

The awesomest ever Capture- the- Flag game will happen.

Best part--- Dress as your superhero/ine alter ego!! Make one up or pick an already existing awesome superhero

Meet at 1:00 by the bridge inside the park.

COME! -and TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO BRING THEIR FRIENDS, we need a lot of people- otherwise we'll just be a couple of douchebags in capes.

We can also host out-of-towners who want to spend the night in Portland, just shoot me an email.
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